I think as well as with the government we have seen a “madness” when it comes to Health IT, it sure feels that way as I post all of that type of information on this blog and I would venture to say that if I am having issues keeping up on general news here that the overall study and implementation is also suffering.image

US Federal CIO Vivek Kundra to Review 30 High Risk IT Projects – Federal IT Dashboard Used to Identify Rating Concerns

Everybody wants those new “Algorithms” to help with efficiency and save money; however this is not always the answer to keep building one system on top of another and in some areas there’s not much choice, but there are smarter ways to spend money with Health IT.  In my small opinion here we spend a lot of effort on the medical record side of the coin and none with insurance carriers for certification with software giving appropriate and correct values?  We don’t’ seem to have the full circle captured here as none of this rest takes place until someone gets paid. 

Rules on EHR Certification Should Take Back Seat to Certifying Insurance Algorithms At Present – We Need This First

You can read a recent post to where the White House is really looking at these projects and you need individuals with IT knowledge to make decision as to whether adding on new algorithmic processes or transferring to a new systematic approach is the way to go.  BD

White House Pauses $3 Billion In IT Spending – Office of Management and Budget Conducting Review – One of the First Projects on the Agenda is the Veterans Administration

Federal CIO Vivek Kundra acknowledged that the federal government has to "stop the madness" when it comes to wasting money on data centers and other IT resources that aren't working effectively. Speaking at the NASA IT Summit on Thursday, Kundra outlined some accomplishments the federal government has made to trim the fat of IT operations.image

Still, while Kundra is optimistic about the federal government's ability to shape up IT operations, others - including some federal IT executives themselves -- are more skeptical, particularly when it comes to data-center consolidation.

Kundra Challenges Feds To Spend Smarter On IT – InformationWeek


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