This kind of makes one feel that health insurance and medical tourism outside the US is getting a bit cozier.  You can see Mexico listed as one of their destination and in imagethe news recently the President of Mexico is ready to attract more revenue from US patients to go over the border or travel further down within the country.  The boring bragging rights are included here and I say that as I am very tired of hearing about how some company was featured and marketed and I think I speak for many as today everyone is the best and has the top products if you believe everything you hear and read and thus so it’s more impressive to just have companies tell you what they do and their expertise without the extra added marketing that is over flowing the media today.  With that said, here’s a video from their site which shoes pictures of the facilities used along with mentioning their affiliations with the likes of Harvard Medical and Johns Hopkins. 

Mexico President is Motivated With US Healthcare Reform to Attract Residents and Medical Tourism With Joint Commission Accredited Hospitals

Last year I had a chance to really soak up a lot of knowledge as to what is happening with Medical Tourism and spoke with quite a few individuals.  The one thing that was different about attending this World Tourism conference was the fact that all the CEOs, executives, scientists, etc. were in the booths and not just sales representatives which is pretty much what we see with conventions.  I had a long discussion with a professor from Germany on electronic medical records and we compared a lot of notes, a learning experience for me.  Mexico is building some huge facility complexes complete with hotels right on the campus.  It’s about that time again for the next conference in Los Angeles next month. 

World Medical Tourism Conference 2009 – A Learning Awareness

After leaving Cigna, James Buncher had a few other stops along the way to include a company he founded and sold to MetLife and then we had SmileCare here in southern California.   Satori is located in San Diego.  Mr. Buncher is an accountant by degree and trade and thus so is very well acquainted with the algorithms for profit, similar in nature to the CEO of United, also an accountant by trade.  BD

San Diego, CA, August 22, 2010 --( Satori World Medical, the leader in medical travel, announces the appointment of health care management leader James Buncher to its board of directors.
Spending nearly 40 years in the formation, financing and delivery of health care, Buncher will provide strategic input on the development of Satori and the overall Satori Experience™.

“Jim’s joining the board comes at an exceptional time of growth for Satori,” said Steven Lash, president and CEO, Satori World Medical. “Jim has experience in successfully leading health care organizations, including his most recent position as CEO of Safeguard Health Enterprises – a dental and vision insurance company. We are expanding our dental network worldwide and his expertise in the dental industry will prove to be valuable in the build-out of this program.”
Lash added that Buncher’s reputation for quality and customer service is perfectly aligned with Satori World Medical’s core values of providing the highest quality care for its patients.

James Buncher Joins Board of Directors for Satori World Medical -


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