Well Blackberry gets the recognition here but it could be any mobile device and it’s the user and actually the person in the video used an iPhone.  The information on the video states that this addiction works with the same part of the brain as using imageheroin, of course the big difference is there’s no chemicals entering the body, but the damage can be corrected with surgery.

I like texting and use it, but not always as a primary source of communication but rather for follow up and quick messages which I send when I feel it’s important.  With technology use today we are seeing new addictions and I often mention those addicted to “analysis” processes too, think about that one.  We all use the formulas created by algorithms for decision making processes but that area as well as texting needs some common sense use and control as well. 

I come across all walks of life and it is interesting too that I see some individuals today that have forgotten how to have a “voice” phone call and do everything via email and text, which that is not good either as we end up with people living in a virtual text box and the human levels of communication suffer and lead up to a lot of unnecessary frustrations at times.  Don’t forget how to talk sometimes I guess is the message here.  BD 

St. Petersburg, Florida - A woman in the Philadelphia area is recovering from "Blackberry thumb" surgery.

The mortgage banker spends 12 hours a day texting clients on her iPhone.

"I'm texted out," she said.

The constant texting put so much pressure on her hands that the tendons in her thumb became inflamed. She had to undergo surgery to remove the tendons.

Woman recovering from "Blackberry thumb" surgery | Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota | WTSP.com 10 Connects


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