I love my dog a lot and I guess this is a good thing but human health insurance is far more important in my book and I hope this bill didn’t take up too much administrative time for the Legislature to hash over.  imageWith some policies they have to deal with pre-existing conditions too, depending on age and when the dog or cat is enrolled. 

One thing about pets is they don’t ICD9 or ICD 10 codes or the AMA CPT Codes for their billing.  I guess we didn’t have enough transparency with their insurance either.  More than likely this has come about due to the fact now that some employers are offering Pet Insurance as part of some of the benefit packages out there so everything needs to be legal down to dotting the last “I “ and crossing the last “T”. 

PurinaCare To Offer Employer Benefit Managers Pet Insurance to Attract and Retain Employees

Well my little guy (yup that’s him in the picture") is not too excited here with this being the first law of it’s type in the US.  BD   

Pets could find greater health care protections than their masters under a pet insurance bill that was approved by the California State Assembly in a 42-22 vote on Tuesday.

The bill -- now under review by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger -- requires that insurance companies with veterinary care plans disclose more information about the limits of coverage.

The law would require insurance companies to provide information about co-pays, lifetime benefit limits and restrictions based on pre-existing conditions on websites. Democratic Assemblyman Dave Jones is pushing the bill, AB2411, forward.

The bill could would change the practices of several big name insurers, such as Nationwide, which underwrites VPI Pet Insurance. Also in the mix are Allianz( ALV) owned Fireman's Fund, which underwrites ASPCA Pet Insurance; and Aetna( AET) , which underwrites Pets Best Insurance.

Pet Insurance Reform Bill Passes in California - TheStreet


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