This sounds like a huge winner as the process does 2 positive things.  The collagen used comes from the patient’s area of the body where fat lurks, perhaps area where the patient would stand to like having some of this removed. 


Below is one sample video of many that are on the website and I have to say it looks good and you can’t argue that.  This is making the facelift more affordable. 


The New Face Life of the Future

Patients talk to the doctor during the entire procedure.  Patients walk home after the procedure and go to work a few days after the procedure and don’t have a ton of bruises.  This is amazing as to how short a time the procedures take and the fact that one does not need to hide out afterwards.  If you visit the website you can see a number of additional videos and procedures that are done this way. 

Stem cells are the future for facelift technology.  BD 

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Hollywood is going 3D in more than just the movies! The 3D Face Lift has set a new trend in plastic surgery thanks to Dr. Payman Simoni, famed Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, who is adding new dimensions that pave the way to the future of the facelift.image

Dr. Simoni eliminates the fear of anesthesia with his famous Simoni Face Lift that requires no major anesthesia. He is breaking new ground by reversing facial fat loss (the 3rd dimension of aging) thus preventing the "too pulled" and done look that is common with a traditional facelift.

What is more amazing is that our fat harbors a lot of stem cells which when injected under your skin can act as repair cells by producing natural growth factors and rehabilitating sun damaged and aging skin. So more recently, Dr. Simoni has been taking advantage of these stem cells from fat in his 3D Face Lift, which then repairs volume, aging skin, and the underlying tissue.

Move Over Movies - Hollywood Facelift Goes 3D -- LOS ANGELES, Aug. 30 /PRNewswire/ --


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