This is pretty nice as all the Microsoft Partners who sell and support Government imageCloud services from Microsoft are all listed in one convenient area. 

Additional information on cloud computing can also be found here.  The feds though have to wait as they are out of luck for funding here as the Senate killed the funding for this, they approved web services but not the cloud.

Senate Cuts Cloud Services From Budget That Would Allow for Data Center and IT Infrastructure Consolidation–Back to the 8 Track Tapes Next?image

Insurance companies love this as you can see as it’s easier to keep business as usual and increasing their technologies when the non participants in at least minimum with consumer digital IT literacy don’t fully dive in here, thus they have to rely on what others tell them and hopefully it’s truthful.  The algorithm game today is a tough one. 

Health Insurer Investments Shifting to Back the Republican Party of “Non Participants” With Health IT-They Don’t Mess With The Algorithms As Most Don’t Understand - So Fewer Insurance Business Models To Be Scrutinized and Questioned

From the website below:

“Cloud computing can be cheaper, faster, and greener. Without any infrastructure investments, you can get powerful software and massive computing resources quickly—with lower up-front costs and fewer management headaches down the road.

The pay-as-you-go benefits are so compelling that the federal budget submitted to congress in February 2010 commits to the use of cloud computing technologies and to a reduction in the number and cost of federal data centers.”


State and local governments evaluating a move to the cloud should have a central location where they can find partners and solutions with the right cloud-based solutions to meet their business needs.  To meet this need, the Public Sector team just announced the Microsoft Government Cloud Applications Center to provide government customers with a centralized place to quickly find and learn about partner applications built on Microsoft cloud computing technologies such as the Windows Azure platform.  image

Searchable by partner, solution or technology, customers assess compatibility, and obtain additional information such as contact information and links to partner websites.

Microsoft Government Cloud Application Center Connects Customers with Windows Azure Partner Solutions - Windows Azure - Site Home - MSDN Blogs


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