We all need a break now and then and these 2 images were just too funny to pass up.  Where might be the Windows toilets? <grin>.  With sensors and computers and cameras showing up everywhere today, it makes you wonder will this be the next level up, or should I say down.  BD 


The iPottie—what can I say? It’s a white porcelain throne inspired by the iPod trying its hand at the royal flush.  Brilliant, but is it really necessary?

Yes, we all know that Apple has pretty much taken over the world, but out of all the new and innovative concepts being discovered, who would ever have thought of the iPottie? Keeping in mind, of course, that it is just still a concept, would you want an Apple-branded toilet in your home?

Apple Toilets - The iPottie Tries its Hand at the Royal Flush (GALLERY)


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