The cost of the purchase will help offset what is perhaps being spent outside the imagecompany for research and development with drugs and devices.  If a company does not have internal resources it has to outsource and find a company that can provide that the FDA is looking related to regulation.  Earlier this year Medco also purchased DNA Direct to they have their own in house testing service too.

Medco Buys DNA Direct – Genetics Healthcare Company to Incorporate Genomic Informational Algorithms

UBC also has an office in Germany to work with European approvals and supply business intelligence and risk management consulting.  Patient compliance is also another area of focus with “electronic patient diaries”.  Compliance of course is what every pharmacy benefit management company wants and everyone is beating their heads against the wall to get us human 100% on track and come up with devices that will either or in some case almost through a big brother type of interface force consumers to participate.  Of course it is always better to have incentives versus a negative type of compliance program. 

Medco like many other companies is purchasing companies who they can use to combine and accelerate their data business intelligence levels for better profits and I hope there’s some better care in here too.  BD 

From the Website:

“Today, UBC is a global scientific and medical affairs organization comprised of over 1,400 colleagues who design and execute product development and commercialization programs for clients throughout the industry. UBC is a leader in peri- and post-approval product development; safety and risk management; health economics and outcomes research; pricing, coverage, reimbursement, and access strategies; and medical publications and communications. Our specialized research support solutions and tools – such as rater certification and investigator training programs – are recognized and respected throughout the global medical community.”


Medco Health Solutions announced today that it will acquire United BioSource Corp. for approximately $730 million in cash to extend its business into healthcare-related technology, information services and research.

United BioSource, a closely held company in Bethesda, Md., is considered a leading provider of post-approval drug and medical device research. The company is expected to generate $280 million in revenue for 2010.

N.J.'s Medco acquires medical research firm United BioSource for $750 million |


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