This is good news as we always can use more visuals when placing a catheter.  The system uses an infrared technology combined with fiberoptics so having a visual to enable a visual on the screen.  Below SonoSite is working with another partnership with a division of Medtronic.  BD 

SonoSite Developing Partnership with Physio-Control – Emergency Medical Services With Ultrasound


SonoSite Inc. (NSDQ:SONO) won 510(k) clearance from the Food & Drug Administration for its LumenVu catheter guidance system.

The Bothell, Wash.-based portable ultrasound maker said it designed the system to increase the accuracy of peripherally inserted central catheter placement. Physicians incorrectly place 30 percent of peripherally inserted central catheters, according to the company.

The LumenVu System has the potential to mitigate these risks by providing clinicians with the ability to visualize the catheter tip as it travels through the vessel. Healthcare professionals in hospitals or long-term care facilities will be able to track the progression of a catheter with greater confidence and quickly make navigational adjustments, if necessary.

This proprietary solution potentially offers a number of advantages in the PICC marketplace. The LumenVu System is compatible with standard catheter suppliers and is designed to allow clinicians seamless integration of the product into their current PICC line process. Additionally, the LumenVu System does not rely on a magnetic field and will not interfere with medical equipment or with devices in the patient’s body, such as a pacemaker.

SonoSite wins FDA nod for catheter guidance system | MassDevice - Medical Device Industry News


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