This is great news and so badly needed.  I do have to say things appear to be getting better in the funding area, but I would still like to hear how Joe Biden and Kathleen Sebelius feel about their own records.  We have a major shift here with what readers are interested in reading about and personal experiences are the best!  image

It would really help create a much stronger public image and build confidence if they could share some of their own personal experiences and how electronic medical records used by their doctors are showing their worth!  

Where Are the PHR Mentors – Education Required as the Arizona Senior Project is Finding Out with Little Participation

Question of the day, do the physicians that Joe Biden and Kathleen Sebelius consult with for their own personal care use electronic medical records, and if they don’t, well why not!  We need some mentors and this is the perfect opportunity to speak out and help healthcare reform in a positive manner.  Electronic Medical Records run some of the best algorithms out there for providing information and better healthcare.  BD   

WASHINGTON - The U.S. government on Thursday announced grants of almost $1.2 billion to help hospitals and health care providers implement and use electronic health records.

The Obama administration has made the overhaul of the $2.5 trillion U.S. health care system the centerpiece of its domestic agenda, including the use of technology to improve efficiency and cut costs.

The grants include $598 million to set up some 70 health information technology centers to help health care institutions acquire electronic health record systems and $564 million to develop a nationwide system of health information networks, Vice President Joe Biden's office said in a statement.

$1.2 billion granted for electronic health records - Health care-

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Where Are the PHR Mentors – Education Required as the Arizona Senior Project is Finding Out with Little Participation


  1. Barbara -

    Interesting that sites such as yours as well as ours at have been providing assistance to physicians for free. Now with $1,200,000,000 in funding, each physician is allocated almost $1,000 for assistance...


  2. Thanks Eric, yes it is amazing that someone finally turned on a switch to allow some funding too, should we change our business models here from being free:)

    I'm just kidding on that account as good solid EMR information without someone specifically trying to market toward one product today is getting harder to find, so keeping the best solution in mind for the client is still #1.

  3. And you do a great job at that. Keep it up Barbara.



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