Somebody is missing the boat here, with all the emphasis on properly disposing of medical records, why do we not have public shredders?  You could imageinsert coins for the number of minutes you think you need and go to town.  We do that for water and air for our cars, so why not.  At least it would give people an outlet instead of records left out to expose personal identities.  Not too long ago a doctor burned down his house trying to burn the records in his chimney which got too hot and led to the house catching on fire.  BD 

Greensboro, NC -- A 2 Wants to Know investigation found social security numbers, copies of driver's licenses, and sensitive information federal laws are supposed to protect, all unshredded in a dumpster behind a building.

Gary Mcadoo brought the records to our attention when he walked up to our station and had a bag full of medical files. He confronted WFMY News 2's Ashley Smith and said, "Look what I found." He came to the station to get help with all the files he found in the dumpster. He told us there were hundreds more and brought us to a dumpster behind a building at E. Cone and Summit. He then when into the dumpster and pulled out the medical records by the stack full.

Exclusive: Medical Records Found In Dumpster | | Triad, NC | Local and State News Article


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