One thing to keep in mind though is the health insurance companies you see today may not be the same companies of the future, take a look at how so many other companies have evolved and just worth giving some thought as you make or break your opinion on healthcare, it’s all in the code and that’s what really rules.  Today’s laws need to work better with technology so they are in fact binding so perhaps a new approach with algorithmic laws should be in order, so everyone can see and read the facts.  Algorithms are sure a lot easier to understand when explained than the emotional “bitch” sessions we keep seeing on the news and myself, I am no longer entertained and would really like to see progress and some role models in Congress. 

So what does Jon say – it’s up in smoke, who knows (grin).  BD

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  1. People are really making a big stink about the health care reform, can anybody fill me in? I see it on the news, but I only hear about controversy and not facts or information on who benefits

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