Tonight I had the unexpected opportunity to listen to a Town Hall Meeting.  I say unexpected as there was no public announcement, just the phone rang and I was connected like hundreds of other residents to the meeting.  I missed the first portion as I was on another line finishing up a conversation before I could listen in.  Gee, we are in the 21st Century, are there not better ways to facilitate a Town Hall Meeting?  I felt like the call came from somewhere out of the 70s, you know at a time when we didn’t have all the modern technology, but 70s is what I got.  It was a dud.

This Congressional Representative needs a few lessons from Rep. John Culberson in Houston, Texas.  You know about a year ago I attended his Town Hall web meeting as a guest here in California as I wanted to see how it worked, being the healthcare technology person that I am, and he actually sent me a thank you, being a “wringer” from California.  In Orange County we are in technology’s back yard, so why the telephone?

Check out this video using QIK, which by the way I will be incorporating in the future with some posts here.  Here we have a Congressman who is NOT living in the 70s.  Shoot, even Jon Stewart gave Rep. Culberson a cameo spot on his video. 

Also, we have 2 doctors in the Senate that are using technology with answering Healthcare questions here:

The Doctors Show from The US Senate – The 2 MDs in the Senate Answer Questions

Dr. Coburn though a year ago said Congress lives in the 70s, and you can view that video here when Robert Scoble spoke with him.   

"Tech is how we get our freedom back," Senator Tom Coburn says. He wants a totally transparent government thanks to technology. We have a wide-ranging conversation about a number of topics, but he focused in on why he thinks bloggers are changing how politicians talk to their constituency.”

Ok so I live in an area that is high technology, but our Congressional Representative is a technology dud!  That scares me and I am purposely staying non partisan on this post, but I would wonder how anyone of either party would vote on issues if they are that far out of touch, and anyone who reads this blog knows where I stand anyway on healthcare.  I think our Congressional Representative here needs some schooling and help from his peers.  If I had had the chance to speak and mentioned “algorithms” would he have known what those are?  I hung up and didn’t stay for the entire call as it was so non productive.  If you talk about health insurance you certainly better know what an algorithm is as the insurance business talks about them all the time.

Mentors Still Needed

“Capitalism A Love Story” has a new Trailer Released – Where’s Our Congressional Algorithms?

In summary, very disappointing Town Hall, a dud as I said, no prior notice,just a ringing phone to connect,  no use of technology and no reference of technology either in conversation, and healthcare was the primary topic all over the place, and technology is one of the big tools to help save money with healthcare.  I felt I was back in the 70s.  BD


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