We have a new term here, VLER.  Perhaps others may have heard this but this is a new one for me with abbreviations.  Both agencies have also been very active in working with Personal Health records too.  BD

Government Accounting Office says DOD and VA need better strategic planning for EHR Interoperability

8/14/2009 - WASHINGTON (AFNS) -- For service members who still remember hand-carrying their medical records back and forth to imageappointments, the new virtual lifetime electronic record will help prevent misplaced paperwork and help providers maintain and offer quality health care, the acting director of the program said Aug. 13.
President Barack Obama, along with Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki, announced April 9 that VA and the Defense Department have taken steps toward creating a joint virtual lifetime electronic record, or VLER.
"The president's vision, as he expressed that day, will permit information vital to health care, benefits and services to be available seamlessly to both departments from the moment a service member enters the military until the service member's or veteran's death," Navy Rear Adm. Gregory A. Timberlake, the acting director of the Defense Department-VA Interagency Program Office, said in a "DotMilDocs" interview on Pentagon Web Radio.

DOD, VA work to create lifetime electronic records

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