This is some very innovative use with touchscreen monitors.  The technician just has to touch the stone and the device does the rest and positions imagethe stone, and you get  both X-ray and Ultrasound  images are displayed in real-time.  Next, choose the pressure and frequency settings to attack and fragment the stone.

Shockwaves are sent using their patented Electroconductive technology.  The robotic stone breaking device has already earned the European CE Mark as well.   The use of the touch screen further demonstrates how are are continuing to change the ways we interact with computers, whether they are desktops, mobile units or a part of medical diagnostic equipment/devices.  I have used a touch screen tablet PC myself for years and I really like the additional capabilities of not having to use a mouse too.  BD 


Sonolith® i-sys Electroconductive Shock-wave Lithotripter

    • Ideal for public or private centers with moderate to high patient load

    • Fully integrated and transportable

    • Exclusive intuitive localization system “Stone Locking System” for a unique robotization level

    • Clinical versatility for ESWL and endourology procedures

image image

image image

French medical device maker EDAP TMS SA said Wednesday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved an ultrasound device that dissolves kidney stones.

EDAP's Sonolith I-Sys robotized device combines ultrasound and X-ray systems to treat urinary stones. 

FDA approves ultrasound device from EDAP TMS – BusinessWeek


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