What happens when software and hardware on a cell phone goes nuts, it turns on the oven.  We always wonder about the possibility of these things imagehappening and when this man gets an incoming phone call, it turns on the broiler on the stove.  I have been a Windows Mobile phone user for years and have used software on my PDA in the pas to control my TV but this one is a bit beyond that.

Watch the video and see how it works when they demonstrate how this works.  The phone was on the counter near the stove in the kitchen.  So far nobody has been able to figure it out on why this is happening.  Something is connecting the stove to the phone with some wireless capabilities.  As technology continues to grow, so does the overlapping areas of authority for our government too, as now many report medical record information; so perhaps this is another example of 2 or more agencies needing to come together to collaborate, as laws without technology provisions won’t cut the mustard for long.  

I am curious being a Smart Phone as if any new software has been added recently, like the software I used to control my television with my PDA.  BD

FDA may regulate certain mobile phones and accessories – Somebody Finally Agrees with Me


hen Melnikov is about two feet away from his Magic Chef stove, incoming calls on his PDA make the appliance beep. Then the digital display lights up, indicating the stove's broiler is on high. Sure enough, when he pops open the door, the burners are aflame. 

It happened for the first time last week. The phone rang, and while Melnikov was talking, he smelled smoke. Thinking it was one of the other electronic devices in his Brooklyn apartment, he went around and checked them first. At that point, the kitchen was filling with smoke and Melnikov ran inside and found the cause. It was the oven, which he knew he hadn't turned on. Inside was a piece of plastic cookware that was on fire. Melnikov quickly put it out.

Melnikov has had the PDA three years and says this is the first time it turned on his oven. Even still, he's shaken and says he can't sleep knowing it just might happen again.

Brooklyn man's cell phone cooks up trouble - 8/17/09 - New York News and Tri-State News - 7online.com


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