We have the great opportunity to learn what happens on the other side of the door here and need to open our ears and listen and get away from emotional town hall meetings where nothing gets accomplished.  If we don’t take advantage and educate ourselves, shame on us. 

Education once more, if the citizenship of the US can come to terms with this and learn how software works, there would be less of a show going on right now.  All the screaming doesn’t do one thing, but as I mentioned before, we need “smarter” Town Hall presentations, with an IT person who can speak in layman’s terms and educate citizens with a slide show presentation on what is happening.  This means that Congress will themselves need to read up too for better presentations and roll up their sleeves so we don’t have more “Magpie Healthcare” with those just repeating words of others without the real knowledge of how things work.  The President is certainly no magpie, he knows his stuff and took time out to learn long before he ever ran for President, that’s what gives him the level of confidence he has; and on the other hand the frustration of having to translate to simpler terms so that others can understand. 

Brave New Films – “United Wealth Care” – It’s In the Algorithms

Perhaps the Democratic leaders could sit down with the President, the US CIO and Mr. Potter and figure out a way to have more educational town hall meetings so that citizens have something to learn by attending and not disrupted by the emotional turmoil some continue to stir, as that gets nowhere.  If we don’t have a government option along with keeping private insurers, we have done nothing as the same amount, or pretty close to that number will continue to be uninsured, so what will be accomplished, not much.  Co-ops have been tried and don’t work, ask the folks here in California, it was give a fair shake and fell on it’s face. 

Would Somebody Put A Lid on Health Reform and Hitler – Bad Taste and Shows Ignorance

We are missing a big opportunity here to not listen to someone like Wendell Potter who has been on the other side and is trying to help, and again no emotional outburst at any town hall meeting is accomplishing anything.  We are battling against those who do not want change, that is part of life and those individuals are everywhere, but change is part of life today, faster changes I should say. 

Are You Insured by a Technology or Insurance Company – UnitedHealthCare

Laws are no good if they don’t take into account how technology works today, and are otherwise not enforceable, so do we want a solid plan or a bunch of text that is beyond anyone’s full comprehension?  If you pass laws that do not encompass technology, we are wasting nothing but time and those who need healthcare will continue to be denied.  It’s all in the algorithms that make the decisions today, just think of that each time you look imageat your computer screen, whether you are doing online banking, making a purchase, or inquiring about healthcare, it is what it is.  From a prior post below and visit the RAMLA link if you need to see a bit more of reality. 

It is the algorithms that do the dirty work, not humans, it is in the code. You don’t have to be a computer expert to understand all the fine tuning, but please be aware that these business models are automated and run like clockwork; however they are designed and they should also be contained to work within the law.  A customer service representative looks at his/her screen for their decisions, the screen shows the results of queries being run based on the parameters of the data input into the system.  Don’t forget this.

When we do not have an opportunity to inspect and share with other individuals who also know how queries and data bases work, we are at a disadvantage, take heed here as we need more than a “trust me” handshake.  Audit trails are needed to keep everyone honest. If you need to compare this to something similar, look at Wall Street, the code runs everything there too.  I’m sure Mr. Potter can vouch for this fact.   I just wanted to see if I could perhaps convey with another point of view here what this is all about as technology plays even a much larger role than does Congress in the long run as it will do the dirty work 24/7, not Congress or the President (humans don’t work 24/7) and we need a good solid open and fair foundation set forth so everyone operates as they should without profit being the driving force.

Wendell Potter - Join Me in L.A. at the Los Angeles RAM (Remote Access Medical) Event

Check out the “Related Algorithm reading” below.  BD


Claiborne: When and why did you finally decide to speak out, to burn those bridges?

Potter: It was when I started to see that the industry was up to the same old tactics, the same dirty tricks that it's pulled many times to try to kill health care reform. It's part of a duplicitous P.R. strategy. The strategy is to say those things that the president, the Congress and the public want to hear. And they want to be perceived as the good guys, as an industry that is fully committed to reforming the health care system in a comprehensive way.

Claiborne: And you don't believe they do?

Potter: Oh, I know they don't. I know they don't believe it.


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  2. Wendell Potter is a true hero. What he's doing is courageous and will be, hopefully, effective. He was in a position to know what the insurance industry is doing, and he lays it all out so calmly and cinvincingly that he can not be convincingly refuted.


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