One important factor on using WiFi medical devices, secure that network by all means!  image Back in February I posted about a southern California hospital using another one of their products for emergency response. 

California Hospital Implements AutoPulse – Cardiac Arrest

IT departments around the hospitals are certainly being tested and expanded with new devices for better medical care.  BD 

Resuscitation technology company Zoll Medical Corp. has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to market and sell its R-Series Code-Ready clinical defibrillator with a WiFi option, Zoll officials reported. The WiFi option prevents unexpected failure of the defibrillator by signaling to clinicians “when their state of readiness is compromised.” The defibrillator can be run through troubleshooting from a hospital networked computer.

R Series® BLS and R Series Plus – professional AEDs with the capability to become manual defibrillators…with just the touch of a button.  They both have a simple, one-button AED interface, but when the Code Team arrives, simply press two soft keys to turn the R Series into a full-function manual defibrillator.  All chosen parameters are functional and if installed, the pacing controls are revealed.

From the website:

Capabilities for the R Series BLS include:

  • Real CPR Help®
  • Readiness Testing
  • Compatibility to Sure Power®  Battery System 
  • OneStep Cable
  • Compact Flash Slot

Capabilities for the R Series Plus include all of the capabilities of the R Series BLS and:

  • CPR index
  • See-Thru CPR®
  • Smart Prompts and Defib Mentor Familiarization Mode
  • WiFi 802.11 compatibility for Defib Dashboard and CodeNet
  • USB host port
  • OneStep ECG Leads
  • OneStep Cable Manager
  • Activity Log

(image shown may not be the exact model as approved by the FDA)
The FDA approved defibrillator also downloads patient data and enables it to be merged wirelessly with the event report.

FDA approves Zoll Medical’s WiFi-enabled defibrillator - Mass High Tech Business News


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