Not only antioxidants but popcorn is also a good source of dietary fiber.  The best way to prepare is to air pop and lightly salt.  The worst thing we can do though according to this study is to butter it up and over salt.  Also mentioned was adding some olive oil for taste which would be healthier imagethan butter.  BD  

In addition to the finding that cold, oat-based cereals provide the best source of morning milk-bowl-spoon-based antioxidants, the  researchers found that popcorn provides more of the dietary fiber and antioxidants than any other snack food, according to findings presented at the meeting of the American Chemical Society.

In the case of popcorn, he explained, the antioxidants are protected from the sun in the drying process, and the corn loses only a little bit of them when it is popped. Additionally, through the whole process, the fiber provided by the whole grain is not removed. 

Popcorn Provides Antioxidants, Study Says - ABC News


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