First of all I am not picking on Quicken Health here as I understand the process of the programmatic algorithms used in conjunction with insurers and personal health records and this is a huge learning curve.  So huge, that I want to make a point of educating our leaders and all of US citizens on the changes in healthcare. 

UnitedHealthcare To Offer Quicken Health Expense Tracker to 700,000 Employer Health Plan Enrollees

Cigna to Offer Quicken Health Expense Tracker, United HealthCare in Beta – Easily Identify Balance Billings?

To those people who are very satisfied with your health insurance, how much have you used the plan and maybe even more importantly, how much have you used any of their technology solutions????   Big blank here???  If you do use the technology solutions you would be aware of the rapid changes taking place. 

It is difficult for me to help many when this is in fact “way over their head”.  Now I’m not talking just citizens and would like to once again make reference to the “dud” Town Hall meeting I attended this week by accident.  I say by accident as there was no prior notification and the phone just rang and said something to the tune of “Honey I’m Home, drop what you are doing and bring my cold beer” type of connotation.  This is reality and not what is seen on the internet, at least in my tiny corner of the OC, where we use new technology and yet still live in the 70s. 

If I had the chance to speak, well who knows what could have transpired.  Over all it was an amazing day in California, our very tech Governor visits Twitter and I get a Town Hall Meeting out of the 70s in the OC.  If you read the post, I have clearly given recognition too for those Congressmen who are using technology and I feel are perhaps a bit more in touch and are learning and making efforts. 

My Dud Telephone Town Hall Meeting from the 70s in the OC – HealthCare Was Primary Focus

When it comes to code and computer algorithms, there must be a lot of interest in this stuff as HHS had to turn folks away over the overwhelming response. 


The point of my rant here is to bring up education and the fact that we have people at so many levels on the learning curve, Congressmen from the 70s included, and if they are not using a PHR yet for healthcare information, how in the world are they going to learn how to use Quicken Health?  Do we need some big baby steps here and some basic PHR Training at all levels if we expect everyone to use them?   We had to learn how to use Windows before we could use Office type of analogy here.  We need some congressional algorithms here.  I know Intuit reads here so I hope I have not said anything in a negative fashion about the software, it’s just the the educational needs are huge and we need participation and education to benefit from using software.  BD

If you have health coverage, perhaps you've received that ominous-looking piece of mail from the insurance provider that declares: "This is not a bill," but looks a lot like one.

It’s called an "explanation of benefits." But the correspondence doesn’t seem to offer much of an explanation to anyone who lacks a medical degree or background as a company benefits manager.

Quicken for health benefits? - Fortune Brainstorm Tech

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