Gone is the Office of Strategy and Growth which was not that old.  Generic competition with Risperdal and Topamax may also account for some revenue loss as it usually does for any pharmaceutical company when drugs come off patent.  So far there have not been any layoff notices appear in the news and the article stated that consumer products and awareness will continue, but under another committee instead of under the now dissolving comprehensive care unit that is part of the reorganization structure.  BD

Health-care giant Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) is consolidating its management structure by eliminating a committee that oversaw J&J's so-called comprehensive- care businesses, which market diabetes-care, vision-care and heart-treatment products.

The businesses will be transferred to other J&J operating committees, J&J spokesman Bill Price said Wednesday, confirming details the company told employees on Friday. J&J's remaining group operating committees are pharmaceuticals, consumer and surgical care. The Associated Press reported the moves earlier Wednesday.

Donald Casey, worldwide chairman of comprehensive care, will work with top J&J management to help transfer the businesses to other operating committees. " Announcements about Don's future role, and other personnel and organizational announcements, will be made on an ongoing basis as this transition planning progresses over the next several weeks," Price said.

Johnson & Johnson Consolidates Management Structure

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