Compared to all the “Town Hall” videos posted on the web recently, this certainly is a breath of fresh air to see some use of technology and getting a point across.  I will say at this point, no matter which side you are on, both sides can take lessons from this presentation on providing information in a civilized manner without using the “emotional wire” to create a media feeding frenzy. 

“Department of Algorithms – Do We Need One of These to Regulate Upcoming Laws?

Using Twitter for questions is also outstanding with the #Sanders hash mark, our governor in California is doing the same.  Finally a civilized methodology of communication is emerging.  Business models for all companies are created with software and algorithms, they work 24/7 humans don’t.  In a recent post I commented on a doctor who had no idea of where his claim denials came from, more than likely it was a computer algorithm that provided this denial, and then of course it can graduate up to a human level, maybe.  It’s all in the code that makes the decisions.  BD 

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