If you are a regular reader of this blog, then perhaps you have seen the TrialX Widget on the site, they make it very simple and easy to locate clinicalimage trials and they also have a Twitter application.  The best part of the entire program though is to create a personal health record with Google Health or HealthVault first, then use your parameters entered in your PHR to drill down immediately to trials that are applicable for you, in other words save time having to visit multiple sites with time consuming searching and evaluation to see if you quality as your PHR can do it all for you.  This is other way you can put your PHR to work for you. 

The related reading below has additional links and information about TrialX as I have followed their progress from the beginning.  Also, I have an entire section on this blog with almost 200 posts about Personal Health Records with many “how to do this” sections that will help explain more about the processes and both programs, which are free.   The new partnership will add more resources and trial information to the available data base with TrialX, so again making the process much easier to locate a trial you may have an interest in participating, and don’t forget that if you desire, you can also choose to share the information with your physician and health care facilities.  BD


Boston, Mass. (PRWEB) August 18, 2009 -- CenterWatch, a leading source of clinical trials information, announced today that it has imageentered into a three-year partnership to share its clinical trials listing database with TrialX, a health information technology startup focused on helping patients more easily and rapidly connect with relevant clinical trials worldwide.

As the first Internet site to publish detailed information about patient-accessible clinical trials, CenterWatch has built one of the largest online databases of clinical trials actively seeking patients. Now, with listings appearing simultaneously on www.centerwatch.com and www.trialx.com, investigators and patients will both reap the benefits. 

"One of CenterWatch's fundamental objectives is to ensure that patients have the access they need to the thousands of clinical trials going on around the world," says Chris Pooley, senior vice president of CenterWatch. "Likewise, it's important that investigators have as many avenues as possible for patient recruitment. Our partnership with TrialX helps to accomplish both those goals." 

Through TrialX's integration with a host of online services including social media sites like Twitter and YouTube, internet health portals such as Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault, and its soon-to-be released iPhone application, investigators' studies will be exposed to a wider, targeted patient population while patients will gain unprecedented access to clinical trials in hundreds of disease categories.

CenterWatch Partners with TrialX to Dramatically Increase Reach of its Global Clinical Trial Listings to Many More Patients

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