Dan Gould, the comedian takes time out and does his own coverage on healthcare reform.  He’s in pain over healthcare, thus the video uses one word at the end that is considered “swearing”.  If that offends you, don’t watch this video, but in my opinion, he pretty well sums it up with comparing the protesters with the need for what is really happening, as this is reality.

Have Pain – Go Ahead and Swear, It Helps Study Says

In my opinion, this enforces the need for more education and bringing all into the real world and stopping the emotional side shows that continue to haunt us, and all the emotional displays at the Town Hall meetings.  We are a civilized country so is it about time we start acting and functioning as one and begin pulling together? Healthcare reform is needed and is the hottest issue we have had in the country in years and is at the boiling point.  I have been covering the efforts of Remote Area Medical here in Los Angeles and I simply don’t understand how anyone can turn a blind eye and start focusing on the world as it was many years ago, this is today and technology has too many audit trails and surveillance methods to allow any such atrocity like Nazi Germany to occur again, we live in transparency today.   Perhaps the protesters are in pain too, but can we do this intelligently without defacing without going out on emotional tangents with signs that deface the President?  What purpose is this serving? 

Education is needed at all levels with technology and how it works with the laws passed in Congress, otherwise the laws are useless and not enforceable, so I’ll add my 2 cents here too with some better mentors in government with reading up and getting to the meat and potatoes of the issues and using Town Hall meetings to convey intelligent solutions, in other words showing up with some real knowledge and perhaps in this vain some of the attacks and emotions will disseminate.

I believe constituents want to know the processes of how all of this will take place, show them the mechanics on how data works, take an IT person with them to meetings as a suggestion that can explain at layman’s levels. 

To the Democrats, I say plan and have more effective Town Hall meetings, and to the Republicans, please don’t use emotional campaigns to degrade the meetings and divert with slanderous tactics; one look at the 2 sides in the video make that point.  BD

Dana Gould reports on anti health care reform protests, and contrasts the protesters with the work being done by Remote Area Medical in meeting the medical needs of the uninsured.

YouTube - Real Time With Bill Maher - Dana Gould reports on health care protests and Remote Area Medical


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