One more group has joined the cause, Rabbis.  At the website you can enroll the congregation for the cause of healthcare reform.  The Rabbis are pushing for reform for everyone.  BD 

The debate over comprehensive health care reform has been so heated this summer it was bound to get biblical.image

On Tuesday, the National Democratic Jewish Council announced a new stage in its efforts to support the president's health care reform agenda. The group, a staunch ally of the White House, launched a "Rabbis for Health Insurance Reform" webpage, urging Congress to get legislation passed for "Democrats, Republicans, Christians, Muslims, and Jews."

“We're all living with the consequences of a broken system: Democrats, Republicans, Christians, Muslims, and Jews. And though we might not all agree on the exact solution, we all agree something has to be done. The question is: will we keep pushing forward, or will we relent and postpone reform for another year? During the debate in the coming days and weeks, we are hopeful that Members of Congress will have the courage to stand strong for the families and workers who are struggling.”

"Rabbis For Health Insurance Reform" Campaign Launched By Obama Ally


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