When is somebody going to put a lid on some of the noise?  One of the reasons I like to read is because it is quiet time, but if this new process takes off I’m out luck.   The initial ads will be soft drinks, but what comes next, a health insurance ad jumping out at me with a health coach asking me what my BMI is today, or an ad from a pharmaceutical company?    The internet gives me all the noise that I currently want to enjoy with digital media.  The video chips start playing as soon as you open the page it states.  All I want is some quiet time to get away from some of this.  The video below shows how the 2 inch ad will look, so perhaps digital ads in chips are working to be the next saviors of papers and magazines, or on the other hand it could be the last straw on the camel’s back. 

Next week there’s a conference in San Francisco addressing this issue and perhaps there might be some new avenues, or let me rephrase this, some new thought processes of what it being put out there today.  No wonder Bill Maher says we are stupid.  BD 


An upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly will include what's being billed as the first video advertisements ever in a print magazine. According to the Associated Press, a video player with a 2-inch screen will be embedded on heavy-stock paper -- similar to what's used by greeting cards that play bits of music -- and inserted into the magazine.

And as in those cards, the video will start up as soon as the insert is opened.

Coming to a magazine near you -- video, right on the page | Technology | Los Angeles Times


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