It seems like there’s at least one story a week arising any more on paper records with medical information that could very well be used for identity theft.  We go to the gas station to get air and water for our cars and drop in 75 cents or a dollar, can’t someone do the same to allow people easy access to shredders?  Sure they are available at the store for purchase, but having a convenient location to handle this certainly would be a plus, and then I wouldn’t have to post articles like this too.  Here’s part of a post just from last week below.  BD 

We Need Public Shredders – More Paper Medical Records Found in a Dumpster

Somebody is missing the boat here, with all the emphasis on properly disposing of medical records, why do we not have public shredders?  You could imageinsert coins for the number of minutes you think you need and go to town.  We do that for water and air for our cars, so why not.  At least it would give people an outlet instead of records left out to expose personal identities.  Not too long ago a doctor burned down his house trying to burn the records in his chimney which got too hot and led to the house catching on fire.

(Greece, N.Y.) - Records found at a Greece apartment dumpster could have led to the identify theft of hundreds of people, if not for the actions of one woman.
Something about a rusted Ford pickup caught Wendy Tascione's attention.  She snapped a few photos while she watched…nine file boxes of full of personnel files were tossed into a dumpster.
”I thought, ‘Holy crow! This is somebody's information!" Wendy said. "There are just some things that I know that aren't right, and that was one of them."

Medical Records Tossed Into Dumpster - - Rochester News, Weather, and Sports

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  1. is there really such a need to do such act? I'll update on this more.


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