I ran across this on the web, and it appears that this is satire, but names, who hired them, and what they did are in the post and one claimed he was given insurance out of the deal and one said they even get travel expenses.  If these are real people speaking here, this is a bit un nerving just pretty ugly overall.  Education is certainly needed more than we think.  BD 

WASHINGTON - (PTSD News) - Those angry voices shouting slogans against health care reform at town hall meetings come from a group imagethat is actually grateful: Thanks to the insurance lobby, they have recently left the ranks of the unemployed. UnitedHealthcare, CIGNA Health Insurance, and the Republican National Committee have hired an estimated 5,500 unemployed thugs, bullies, and emotionally challenged people to swarm town hall meetings to shout down any intelligent discussion on the issues.

"I'm supposed to yell stuff like 'Obama's healthscare reform wouldn't even work in Kenya, where Obama was born,'" said Cliff Fegelmeyer of Easton, Pennsylvania. Fegelmeyer was recently hired by UnitedHealthcare after being laid off by an auto parts maker last September.

"I've been out of work since 2000 when the Republicans paid me to yell at them vote counters who were trying to have Al Gore steal the election from a real American, George W. Bush," said Bull Casey of Elkhart, Indiana. "So it was great when they called me back and told me to go to a meeting and call Obama a Communist Nazi leftist fascist."

When asked what he really thought about health care reform, Jerold Hart of Mariana, Florida, said, "I don't have to worry about it any more, now that my new employer, UnitedHealthcare, gave me some good health insurance benefits."

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