I do like the tagged name, “Fatostatin” kind of says it all and does it all.  It is working on mice and now if it will work on humans, well we might be onimage to something.  You can do three things with one treatment/pill, lose weight, reverse diabetes and lower your cholesterol.  All that seems to be missing is blood pressure regulation. 

Don’t get too excited yet, it is still in the very early stages so stay tuned.  BD 

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Researchers searching for a cure for obesity said on Thursday they have developed a drug that not only makes mice lose weight, but reverses diabetes and lowers their cholesterol, too.

The drug, which they have dubbed fatostatin, stops the body from making fat, instead releasing the energy from food. They hope it may lead to a pill that would fight obesity, diabetes and cholesterol, all at once.

Genetic tests showed the drug affected 63 different genes.

The drug also had effects on prostate cancer cells they said -- something that may help explain links between prostate cancer and obesity.

New fat-fighting drug has anti-diabetes action too - Yahoo! News


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