With her own case of kidney cancer, she’s a survivor and with her employment at the time as a contractor, she did not have health insurance and her words, she fell through the cracks, she’s a nurse practitioner and mother of 6.  Her treatment was 35k and she had to mortgage the house for her imagecancer treatment, do we need reform, think so. 

From the Website:
”Flagler County Free Clinic is a volunteer base clinic that provides free medical care, including dental abstractions to people who are uninsured and meet the federal poverty guide lines.   We attend the first 60 patients on Saturday and first 20 on Sundays. It is on a first come first serve basis.”

Also, in case you missed it, read up on the heroic efforts of Remote Area Medical that provided 8 days of free health care in Los Angeles.  It is good to know that giving and caring has not died in today’s world!  The page also has PayPal set up to take donations.  BD 

 Remote Area Medical Los Angeles – Day One

BUNNELL, Florida (CNN) -- Faith Coleman had no health insurance when she learned she had cancer, but she describes her battle with the illness as "one of the absolute greatest blessings" of her life.

That compassion inspired Coleman to open a free clinic in her Florida community to help other uninsured people in need of medical care.

In July 2003, Coleman, a nurse practitioner, learned she had a malignant tumor growing on her right kidney. But as a contract worker for several doctors, she did not receive health insurance. Coleman's treatment totaled about $35,000, and she was forced to take out a mortgage on her house to help pay for it.

"I [fell] through the crack ... and I [had] a great job and a good education," said Coleman, a mother of six.

Realizing that her financial and health woes were not unique, Coleman -- now in remission -- became determined to help those in similar situations access medical treatment.

The clinic opened its doors in February 2005, with eight volunteers treating eight patients. Since then, it has expanded to 120 volunteers who see about 80 patients every other weekend. Coleman said she's seen an increase in the number of patients at the clinic, which serves people who meet federal poverty guidelines.  The two worked together to establish the Flagler County Free Clinic in Bunnell, Florida, which provides medical care for the uninsured. It has treated more than 6,700 patients.

Cancer survivor provides free health care for uninsured - CNN.com


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