Dr. Christopher Rose speaks and offers information from the clinical side and other guests talk about how they have survived prostate cancer, watch the names flash across the screen.  Colin Powell talks about the importance of having regular PSA exams and encourages all men to not pass up the tests.  In addition, the treatment plans are discussed as there are many choices available today, a personal decision made by the patient in the end with the advice and recommendations from their physicians.  Treatment plans are a personal decision and all options need to be explored for the type of cancer one has.  Some grow slow and some move rapidly. 

When you listen to the individuals speak, nobody had any real symptoms.  Joe Torre was diagnosed 10 years ago, Michael Milken 16 years ago and they are still here.  John McEnroe discusses the heredity side of the issue as his dad had prostate cancer, but that accounts for a 30% chance with lifestyle being a potential 70% contributing factor.  Diet is discussed in depth and what changes each has made.  Also mentioned is the robotic surgery that is high tech and now being used for prostate cancer surgery, the DaVinci and you can go here to see a musical tour of how it works.  Under the related reading below I have listed a few past posts that describe some of the procedures that your doctor could be recommending. 

Dr. Rose talks about radiation treatment and depending on the type of cancer it is, sometimes it can be an option and if has spread, it is not an option for the cure.   One more additional piece of information added was the support of women, we ask questions and are more likely to bring the entire scenario home to the family as it is a family issue, not just the patient so everyone understands and knows what the treatment plan is and the projected outlook and recovery information.  BD 

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  1. Thank you for posting this, very informative.

  2. I am one of the NJ calendar girls who put out a provocative calendar called "Stand By Your Man" 2010. Our goal is to scream this out to men to get tested early and keep their own records to track of changes in their PSA.
    We are all wives of husbands that have had prostate cancer. check out our website: www.pcc-nj.org for further information.

  3. and I never miss any exam, but now I see that I have from single

  4. and I never miss any exam, but now I see that I have from single

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