With the device and software, you also get a visual as well as sound.  The price is not cheap at almost $400.00, but in time like everything else it may imagecome down in price.   The sound file can be stored on a PC, and well, better yet think about Personal Health Records too, the heartbeat of your PHR.  HealthVault I know is working with connecting more devices to, so perhaps in time an interface that would allow the sound file to be share with the PHR too. 

Just think, our heartbeats are becoming a permanent record here, and you can listen at any time, or if you want to get out a little bit, think of the sound file as a new “ring tone” for you cell phone. (grin).  If you are a cardiologist, you can get ready to start storing some data and perhaps even use the software and information to compare.  Our heartbeats have now gone wireless.   While we are on the subject, don’t forget the blue tooth inhaler soon to make it’s mark.  BD 

From the website:

3M has partnered with Zargis® Medical to bring you two great software programs that work with your 3M™ Littmann® Electronic Stethoscope Model 3200.

Zargis® StethAssist™ software, included FREE with purchase of a Littmann® Model 3200 stethoscope, helps you visualize and share heart and lung sounds.

Zargis® Cardioscan™ software, sold separately, helps identify suspected heart murmurs with a Class I indication.

That ubiquitous symbol of the medical profession, the stethoscope, is finally undergoing a 21st century tech makeover. The next time you drop by the doctor's, his acoustic listening implement may well sport Bluetooth connectivity and an LCD panel.

3M Health Care has announced the Littmann Electronic Stethoscope, which packs features most headphone users would be familiar with, such as noise cancellation and greater sound clarity. 

With the souped-up hearing, the Littman then transmits lung, heart, and body sounds wirelessly to the bundled Zargis StethAssist program for further analysis, as well as to keep a record on file. Which is all good for patients and physicians. That said, the cost has also been upgraded to a pricey $379, which hopefully won't trickle down too much on your next visit to the clinic.


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