You may want to look at the petition and add your name to support the addition of a government option, and if not, add a provision that will abolish imagepaid health care policies for members of Congress and have them shop as we do.  We are all citizens in this I agree.  If an option is not added, we will have not insured any more individuals and it is a known fact that Co-Ops either do not work or if in place, offer no or little additional price breaks for the consumer.  I have long said we need “mentors”, more specifically mentors in Congress and need to graduate away from “Magpie Healthcare” where we end up only hearing the same items repeated without the efforts made to educate and explain, much of the time spoken by those who kind of like to hear themselves talk.  

Also of interest in another story today, Grassley retracted his widely-reported claim that we need to fear that a public plan and that it would have provisions to pull the plug on senior or other citizens, so this appears to lend some support that there are Republicans that have read up and know better, without the explosions of emotions at all the Town Hall Meetings.  This again, leads to the urgent need for proper education of Congress and the US Public, it’s the algorithms that do the dirty work.  Look at what AARP was faced with in relation to the UnitedHeathCare algorithms.  This video done by a comedian looking at both sides really pretty much sums it up, and makes many look like they lack proper education in this matter.  

Wendell Potter Knows Algorithms – If you Don’t Understand Please Read Up as Software runs about 95% of all our Decisions Today

Education once more, if the citizenship of the US can come to terms with this and learn how software works, there would be less of a show going on right now.  All the screaming doesn’t do one thing, but as I mentioned before, we need “smarter” Town Hall presentations, with an IT person who can speak in layman’s terms and educate citizens with a slide show presentation on what is happening.  This means that Congress will themselves need to read up too for better presentations and roll up their sleeves so we don’t have more “Magpie Healthcare” with those just repeating words of others without the real knowledge of how things work.  The President is certainly no magpie, he knows his stuff and took time out to learn long before he ever ran for President, that’s what gives him the level of confidence he has; and on the other hand the frustration of having to translate to simpler terms so that others can understand. 

White House Addresses Viral Emails – Reality Check Website Set Up to Help Explain Insurance Reform

Also, if you have time watch this video from January, it will give an idea as to perhaps how far educated our Congress is with healthcare, nobody knew what a PHR was and few had seen an EMR/EHR, a real eye opener they posted themselves at the Senate.  BD 

“To:  Speaker Nancy Pelosi

We the People, who have elected our officials in both the Congress and the Senate, and who are angered by those who choose to imageobstruct or water down the health care reform with a strong public option that is so desperately needed, not only by us as individuals, but for this country as a whole, do hereby petition as follows:

1)That the government put forth a plan which NO LONGER provides government paid insurance for the positions of ‘Congressman’ and ‘Senator’ which would require all Congressmen and Senators to ‘shop around’ for health insurance benefits in the same manner that ‘We the People’ have been required to do;

2)That all government paid insurance for the positions of ‘Congressman’ and ‘Senator’ end effective immediately;
3)That items in paragraphs (1) and (2) remain in effect until such time as our elected Congressmen and Senators decide to represent ‘We the People’ by putting forth the strong public option for health care;

4)That We The People shall receive the exact health care benefits that members of Congress receive effective immediately since such benefits are paid for by the People of the United States of America;

5)If We The People do not receive the exact health care benefits that members of the United States Congress receive per paragraph (4), all members of the United States Congress (The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate), will no longer be provided with health care coverage by the People of the United States of America, effective immediately.
We indicate our agreement with this petition by our signatures below.


Health Care Reform with Strong Public Option Petition

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