It’s time again for some “leaked” internal documents.  We haven’t had many of these of late since all the ones that surfaced from Wall Street.  The first thing anyone does these day when it says “for internal use” is usually to run out to the press and see if there might be a few dollars bounty on it.  Remember too that Wall Street likes these folks too as they are looking for dividends and profits.  The letter also states they have “advocacy'” assistance for you too if you are one of the insured who wants to help the cause, and of course the urging to attend a “Town Hall” meeting (is that what they are still called) is listed as well. 

I think they are beginning to look closer to a Town Hall verbal brawl.  Again, a bit of education would really help so citizens learn and get the entire picture on the strength and value of software that runs algorithms to take money from transactions.  United and their subsidiaries have focused on this and it’s showing more and more as dollars get tighter, the formulas get even more creative to keep cost down, but the costs talked about are tied to human lives.   Coffee, Tea or Health insurance? 

UnitedHealthCare CEO – “Our Shareholders Will Prosper”

“It is the algorithms that do the dirty work, not humans, it is in the code. You don’t have to be a computer expert to understand all the fine tuning, but please be aware that these business models are automated and run like clockwork; however they are designed and they should also be contained to work within the law.  A customer service representative looks at his/her screen for their decisions, the screen shows the results of queries being run based on the parameters of the data input into the system.  Don’t forget this.”  BD


Town Hall Thugs Talk About Their Job Descriptions and Benefits

One of the country’s largest health insurers, Minnetonka-based UnitedHealth Group, is enlisting its employees in its campaign about health care reform. According to Talking Points Memo, the company’s advocacy hotline is helping employees write notes to members of Congress and, in at least one case, a hotline operator encouraged a caller to attend tea parties.

Last week, UnitedHealth sent a letter to employees urging them to call the company’s United for Health Reform Advocacy Hotline, where specialists could help workers “personalize your message” about health care reform and connect them to congressional offices. TPM reports that an individual insured by UnitedHealth Group called the line and was encouraged to attend a tea party and directed to a listing of events hosted by the rightwing America’s Independent Party

Update: In an email, UnitedHealth’s John Parker insisted that the company doesn’t share third-party event listings, but only information about town halls sponsored by members of Congress. “We have never encouraged our employees to participate in ‘tea parties,’” he added. “We only provide information, that is publicly available.”

Minnesota Independent: News. Politics. Media. » UnitedHealth hotline urges employees to attend tea parties

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