This is the best research I have seen in a long time!  It is even in the journal “Addiction”.  Of course excessive drinking as we all know does not help your health, but if you stay within guidelines you are less apt to be depressed, so bring on the martinis, only one or two please.image

It continues on to say too that those who are abstinent could also develop signs or personality traits associated with mental illness, so one more potential reason to have a drink here and there, maybe?  Well I certainly don’t want to be depressed and I’m going to do my part, how about you (grin).  We talk about preventative medicine and lifestyle and perhaps this is one more missing piece of the puzzle.  It makes a great post too!  BD

Researchers writing in, ironically, the journal Addiction have associated abstaining from alcohol with an increased risk of depression.
Doesn't make sense, right?   Excessive alcohol consumption has been linked to poor physical and mental health but they cite evidence saying that levels of alcohol consumption that are too low may also be associated with poor mental health possibly - obviously, abstainers may have other issues or even be reformed heavy drinkers.

Those individuals who additionally labeled themselves as "abstainers" were at the highest risk of depression. Age, physical health problems, number of close friends or other factors can  explain some, but not all of this increased risk, they write. The authors also had access to reported levels of alcohol consumption 10 years prior to the main survey. This showed that fourteen percent of current abstainers had previously been heavy drinkers, but this did not explain all of the increased risk of depression amongst abstainers.

The authors conclude that in societies where some use of alcohol is the norm, abstinence may be associated with being socially marginalized or particular personality traits that may also be associated with mental illness.

Don't Drink Alcohol? You're More Likely To Be Depressed, Says Study


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