I saw this article and couldn’t resist having to add my 2 cents here.  Some points about 40% of the tweets being garbage is probably true, but youimage filter those folks out and follow those who you choose, those that are valuable.  If I sat here and talked about what I had for lunch, nobody would  subscribe that is a given, but it seems to be the impression the Twitter Haters have, again there’s nothing like good old “hands on” experience.  We have “Magpie Healthcare” so I guess now we have “Magpie Twitter” experts too, those who talk about it and are no action.


I can’t think of one time when President Obama has told us about brushing his teeth or what he had for lunch (grin).  Twitter almost buries RSS in the imagedirt as far as getting headlines and getting reading material, how in the world could I blog and find my writing material so efficiently without it!

Use Twitter to Find Clinical Trials – TrialX.Org

Hospitals Like to Twitter - now the #1 Social Network Preferred by Hospitals

Our Governor in California uses Twitter!  Track your packages with FedEx and UPS on Twitter.  So for those who hate Twitter and have never tried it, at least give it a try so you can speak first hand and not use assumption that you will not find it useful.  Anyway, I thought this was somewhat the same of what I see with technology in healthcare too, lots of experts who have all kinds of reasons why not, but themselves are never a first hand participant and hang with the “Magpies”.   BD 

SAN FRANCISCO — Dave Magnusen has never used Twitter, yet it bugs him."I  t's a form of communication, but it's not very social," says Magnusen, 55, a database administrator in Durham, N.C. "You can't ignore (Twitter), but it's kind of sad how it's replaced people talking."

"Do we really need to know that you just put your pants on, just brushed your teeth, just ordered a hamburger, just finished dinner, just walked out of the bathroom?" he says.

Earlier this month, Twitter bashers had another reason to send their tongues wagging: A new study concludes that 40% of tweets are "pointless babble."

"It's a look-at-me technology that seems to be more about vanity and competition than about information," says Jason King, 32, of Maysville, GA. He does not use Twitter or Facebook.

Twitter haters see no point in tweeting - USATODAY.com

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