This was a comment made under an old post and deserves it’s own post.  Hats off to Dr. Morgan who took the time to add his comments on how speech imagerecognition is working in Heidelberg, Germany.  When a physician in our military overseas takes the time to write and comment at this blog, it gets it’s own post by all means, especially when we hear from the Chief of Surgery!  We appreciate what you do for us!

He did say there was a learning curve but it was not necessarily the speech recognition on it’s own, there was the integration with the AHLTA EMR system, which in 2008 at HIMMS I was able to see with a short tour provided by the individuals from the military at their booth.  Thank you again for taking time out to write!  BD 

U.S. Military Embraces Nuance's Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical to Drive Clinical Documentation with AHLTA

The use of Dragon Naturally Speaking along with text expander software As-U-Type has dramatically altered the productivity in the Heidelberg MEDDAC orthopedic clinic. We are now able to interface with a cumbersome EHR (AHLTA) in a more efficient manner. After designing a clinic around these new interfacing modalities and giving the providers some time to fully implement the new software, the productivity per provider skyrocketed. 2 Surgeons were able to perform 80% of the RVU's that 5 Surgeons provided a year earlier. image

The implementation takes some time and there are some significant learning pains to break through. After we broke through these pains, we noticed that we were happier in our practice and our patients appreciated our efficiency. Patient complaints dropped and satisfaction with the office visits improved.

Jeffrey S. Morgan, MD
Chief of Surgery

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  1. Providers have been using Dragon Naturally Speaking in concert with the deployed version of AHLTA (AHLTA-T) on MC4 systems on the battlefield since 2008.

    In April 2009 a medical officer in Afghanistan talked about his experience using DNS with MC4 on this blog -


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