One more big move for eClinicalWorks in the expansion of EMR/EHRs, this time with correctional facilities.  I believe that eClinicalWorks was a big pioneer in working with their software as it certainly seems to be very popular as an ambulatory medical records program, and they were the first EMR to connect with Personal Health Records too, Google Health and HealthVault.  We also see a version at CVS Minute Clinics too.  Again, their system appears to be the “most connected” medical records system on the market, and even available at Sam’s Club too.  I believe there is also a Linux version so again, that would really stand to expand their horizons with interoperability in many scenarios.  BD 

The Relationship will Bring Together Award-winning Electronic Medical Records System and Health Services Provider to Improve image Communication Among Providers and Patients within Correctional Facilities WESTBOROUGH, Mass.--(Business Wire)-- eClinicalWorks, a market leader in ambulatory clinical systems, today announced that the company has entered into an agreement with Correctional Medical Services, Inc. (CMS), a leading provider of health services for prisons and jails nationwide for over 30 years, to provide its electronic medical records (EMR) solution to correctional facilities affiliated with CMS. CMS facilities using the eClinicalWorks EMR will be able to streamline processes and promote patient care.


The system will also permit providers to utilize chronic and preventative care measures, including those that are unique to this setting such as suicide watch alerts and detox monitoring. eClinicalWorks will work with CMS to enhance its Electronic Medication Administration Record (EMAR) as well as intake process flows and a mental health module.

eClinicalWorks Enters Partnership with Correctional Medical Services, Inc. | Reuters

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  1. On a light note - Those of us who use eClinicalWorks for non corrections purposes find it amusing to turn on the documentation for stun shields and pepper spray. Our uncooperative training\test patients often get tasered during training sessions.


  2. eCW seems to be great at marketing itself, but, I must say, as an ambulatory EMR, it's terrible!

    I've been using it for three years and it's way sub-par. Clunky, time-consuming interface, poor document handling, out of date prescription info, lack of inter-operability with eprescribing services, no decision support, not MCMP/PQRI compliant... and their technical support is atrocious.

    The Linux version is barely functional (it crashes my server regularly due to accumulating logfiles) and I hear they're planning to discontinue support for it in the future.

  3. Wow, Andrew must still be on version 1.1.

    This doesn't sound like what I'm using at all. I'm seeing 10% more patients in less time; I eprescribe to almost everybody including Caremark, Medco, and Express Scripts; I use the alerts; Up-to-date interface; clinical decision support (CDSS) module, AND I will be getting the PQRI and e-prescribing bonuses this year. The document handling is easy, and we have 1 person doing the work that formerly took 5. The fax server is rock solid. We already meet the meaningful use measures for the 2011 stimulus bonus.

    Maybe Andrew is on a different product with a similar name??? My only other though is he may have purchased via a reseller that wasn't up to the task.


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