Did we rename the company?  I have made my own comments on this blog as well and it all comes around to business intelligence software and how it carves out revenue.  It is good when the algorithms are used to fight fraud, but the big question is, when does the line maybe get crossed?


Future retirees of the US Postal Service are endangered of not having healthcare benefits and they have other budget issues as well.

Lawsuits are going right and left over the use of calculating out of network charges, again we are back to business intelligence software.  Below is one post I made about the company, is it a technology or an insurance company since more money is being made from the technology side of the company. 

There’s nothing wrong with technology being used to improve care and outcome, but when it removes the ability of the patient to receive the healthcare they need, have we crossed the line, and where do we draw the line and is it time to divest?  Healthcare and technology companies make good partners, but when they are all rolled into one, have we lost some checks and balances along the line. 

Are You Insured by a Technology or Insurance Company – UnitedHealthCare

If you have not seen this, read up, technology and programming makes the monetary decisions and the code should run as required by law.  Computers have no emotions, they are machines that run code and create decision making processes designed by humans, so all the emotions and outcries at all the town hall meetings do not add much help until we have leaders and citizens that understand the nature of how the world works today with technology and I hate seeing people taken advantage of in these scenarios with emotions instead of education and facts being used.

For those holding the Town Hall meetings, read up and give the facts to the constituents and educate yourself too by getting involved, and for those creating emotional uproars, go home as you are serving no purpose.  Educate yourself and the constituents as why and how this is happening and how important knowledge of technology is and how it will and does change your life. Congress should help themselves to a bit of knowledge so they can better help and represent us.

I’m going to add a bit of my own views here as one who has written code and queries, as 99% of the decisions made today are based on results from querying data bases, who’s code do you trust? I think we need a balance somewhere along this line to keep the doors open so we know what is going on, thus the need for our governing representatives to take an interest and understand this.  You can have all the drama queen and king events you want, pass laws, but the ultimate decisions are derived from running queries from data bases for business intelligence and risk management business models.  

It is the algorithms that do the dirty work, not humans, it is in the code. You don’t have to be a computer expert to understand all the fine tuning, but please be aware that these business models are automated and run like clockwork; however they are designed and they should also be contained to work within the law.  A customer service representative looks at his/her screen for their decisions, the screen shows the results of queries being run based on the parameters of the data input into the system.  Don’t forget this.

When we do not have an opportunity to inspect and share with other individuals who also know how queries and data bases work, we are at a disadvantage, take heed here as we need more than a “trust me” handshake.  Audit trails are needed to keep everyone honest. If you need to compare this to something similar, look at Wall Street, the code runs everything there too.  I’m sure Mr. Potter can vouch for this fact.   I just wanted to see if I could perhaps convey with another point of view here what this is all about as technology plays even a much larger role than imagedoes Congress in the long run as it will do the dirty work 24/7, not Congress or the President (humans don’t work 24/7) and we need a good solid open and fair foundation set forth so everyone operates as they should without profit being the driving force.  BD

If you believe this is still a make believe issue, watch the video as to what is happening this week in Los Angeles at the Forum.


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