Back in October of 2008 I made this post:  imageThe 2 New Hot Words in Healthcare: Algorithms and Whistleblowers

It sure is starting to ring true as those are being proven to the be the ones rolling in the cash! 

Whistleblowers:  These folks work with the processes in the field day in and day out, thus just like a beta tester for software, they are more apt to be aware of problems, such as the ones in this case who will profit due to finding and reporting the errors, so in essence in some areas whistleblowers can be just like real expensive beta testers! 

Another whistle blower who knows algorithms, Wendell Potter.  Doctors are also now protected under the whistleblower laws too. 

Wendell Potter Knows Algorithms – If you Don’t Understand Please Read Up as Software runs about 95% of all our Decisions Today

Johnson and Johnson also has a pending “whistleblower” case in court. 

Whistleblowers go with pharma as do algorithms with health insurance it seems and the cash registers just crank right open in many cases. 

Well what do you think, should Pfizer enter the bio identical/bio similar markets in a larger way soon to save face?  Merck is certainly exploring that avenue too.  BD  

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Taking on corporate giants can feel like tilting at windmills, but John Kopchinski's six-year legal battle against Pfizer Inc (PFE.N) just made him a rich man.

The Gulf War veteran and former Pfizer sales representative will earn more than $51.5 million as a result of his whistleblower lawsuit imageagainst the world's biggest drugmaker and the record penalty the company must pay the U.S. government for its massive marketing transgressions.

The unassuming Texas resident celebrated his windfall by having a family portrait photograph taken Wednesday morning.

The size of the whistleblower rewards announced Wednesday are already having an impact.

"I'm seeing it first-hand myself. I've gotten phone calls this morning," said Zerbe, who was approached by an employee of a hospital who claimed that it was overbilling the government, including charging for products it had received for free.

Pfizer whistleblower's ordeal reaps big rewards - Yahoo! News

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