How long will doctors be doing an A1C Lab Test?  The article states this is not to replace a lab done at your doctor’s office, so you do one in between and take imagethe device to your doctor’s office on your next visit and do it together?   It is an important part of managing diabetes in addition to daily glucose measurements.  Well if you don’t want to bring it with you, good news, there’s one for the provider too, the A1CNow Plus.  The reimbursement page simply states to make sure your ICD-9 code and CPT codes are correct to be paid and you can buy them on the web

With everyone focusing on costs, this may not fly now, but what about down the road to replace a lab test, could happen I guess.  The results take 5 minutes to finalize and the advertisement states it is 99% Lab accurate with the A1CNow Test.   They forgot one thing here, getting the data into your PHR. 

From the website:  Guidelines and Treatment Algorithm (there’s that word again)

Maintaining A1C levels as close as possible to normal limits has been shown to lower the risk of micro- and macrovascular complications. Despite the advent of novel therapies, historically, diabetes management has failed to achieve and maintain glycemic targets. Therefore, the EASD and ADA recently released joint consensus guidelines to support HCPs by providing treatment algorithms for effective diabetes management.

The Guidelines and Treatment Algorithm emphasize[1]

  • Importance of achieving and maintaining normal glycemic goals
  • Initial therapy with lifestyle modifications and metformin
  • Rapid addition of medication and transition to new regimens when glycemic goals are not achieved or sustained
  • Early addition of insulin therapy in patients who do not meet glycemic goals.
  • The guidelines acknowledge the important role of SMBG, particularly to help achieve glycemic goals with the latter two treatment regimens
This will be interesting to see how this evolves over time, it has to be less expensive of course than paying for a lab test.  BD 
Bayer has reported that A1CNow SelfCheck, an A1C system for at-home use, is available for in-store purchase at more than 30,000 pharmacies nationwide. The system helps in blood glucose testing for diabetes management.

Bayer's A1CNow SelfCheck, cleared by the FDA previous year, enables patients to more closely watch their A1C level in between doctor visits so they may have a more informed discussion with their healthcare provider to ensure their diabetes plan is working.


A1CNow SelfCheck complements the healthcare provider-administered A1C test but is not intended to replace it or routine blood glucose testing. when used in conjunction with blood glucose meters, such as Bayer's Contour or Breeze blood glucose meters, lets people with diabetes know where they stand with respect to their treatment goals. A1CNow SelfCheck comes as a 2-test-kit for a suggested sale price of $29.99.

Bayer Makes A1CNow SelfCheck System Available In Local Pharmacies - Medical Devices Business Review


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