CAMBRIDGE University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has taken their name out of the hat for the bid.  Recently too in the news this hospital had missed some imagepatient safety alerts and one patient died when a gastric feeding tube was inserted by mistake into his lungs and filled up the cavity with 2 liters of liquid food.

If safety procedures would have been followed, it would have saved the patient’s life.  A friend told the patient’s wife that the immediate sore throat her husband had could have been the result of the feeding tube being inserted in the lung, but the staff dismissed the idea and within 36 hours the patient was dying.  The hospital failed to test for the proper position of the feeding tube. 

Back on track though, soon this hospital will no longer be run by the NHS when the bidding process is done.  I believe this is a first for a former NHS hospital to go private.  BD   

It appears the National Health Service (NHS), for the first time, will be turning a big district hospital over to the private sector.

A debt-ridden NHS hospital is to be taken over and run by a private company in what will be a groundbreaking departure for healthcare provision in England

Hinchingbrooke Hospital, a district general hospital in Cambridgeshire, will be run by one of five private sector organizations from next year, after the withdrawal of the only NHS organization bidding for the contract.  Below are the companies bidding:

• Care UK (Partnership Health Group Limited)
• Circle Health
• Interhealth Canada (UK) Ltd
• Ramsay Health Care UK
• Serco Health

The Jawa Report: British Hospital Going Private, NHS Bows Out


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