One more company with the answers for employers how to make “you” healthy.  The wellness business can be very profitable and we hope the real purpose of imagehealthcare is for helping you and not the big pocketbooks.  It can be mystifying sometimes trying to figure some of this out. 

Do we have algorithms here for better healthcare which ends up saving money or do we have algorithm for cost savings that end up with a bit of better care being provided, the chicken or the egg?  In times when we had less on our plate some of the programs might make a bit more sense but with current economic times, the shift has all been to collect the data for many, as that is what generates profits.  I don’t know a lot about the firms here but you can use the links to find out more.  BD

Wellness Programs Come in all Shapes and Sizes and Hold Financial Incentives

“Nurtur provides work-life and health management programs for populations of all types and sizes in a variety of market segments. We take a partnership approach to design solutions that are both scalable and flexible to fit the unique needs of your population. Our clients include small, mid-size and large employer groups, TPAs and commercial health plans, public sector programs and unions.”

Congress Plans Incentives for Healthy Habits ,Wellness Programs, and Devices? How Potentially Intrusive and Disruptive Will It Get to Save Money?

“To support the Nurtur vision to transform lives, we created TransForum™. This is the integrated technology platform behind our health coaching model. It is based on a data model that allows a holistic view of member management to provide the insight and information needed to best manage both entire populations and individual members.”

High-tech gadgets hit doctor-patient relationships and more..
Separately, Nutur, a wellness company based in Farmington, Conn., said it has acquired two health and wellness firms—ActivHealth and Wellness by Choice. ActivHealth, Nashville, offers health-risk assessments, employee incentive and reward tracking and online heath management. It also has an exclusive partnership with the Duke University Center for Living. Wellness by Choice, Syracuse, N.Y., offers work-site wellness and lifestyle coaching. The terms of the deals were not disclosed.

Wellness companies announce acquisitions - Modern Healthcare


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