Arnold Schwarzenegger pretty well sums it up here.  He adds you need to just keeping working the program.  One thing I do have to say, it is nice to have a Governor who not only appreciates technology, but participates as well.  image
He uses Twitter and does “Tweetcasts”. 
Occasionally I catch on live and other times watch it after the fact.  From a couple weeks ago, he talks about the need for infrastructure updates in California, finally someone who sees the value in this.  I keep saying with some of the current infra structures we have now that need to be replaced, it’s like going to battle with swords and daggers, but the other side has machine guns, meaning big business and that included big healthcare insurance companies.   

Gov.Schwarzenegger Discussed the Importance of Infrastructure investment To Create Jobs Here and Nationally

He also comments on the fact that there are a third less jobs out there, why?  Automation made possible through technology and he sees it, so the jobs we knew in the past are not all coming back, there will be new jobs utilizing new technologies and that is the challenge so those in tech denial are going to find it even tougher as it’s not stopping and there’s no going back at this point, forward is the only way we can go.  Technology throws everybody a new left curve every day and yes it frustrates all, even the tech folks, and balance is needed to study and anticipate some of the new methodologies before they arrive at your front door.  Some companies are doing that with innovation and research, trying to prepare and stay one step ahead of the game, and it’s almost impossible to stay two steps ahead as something will change between step one and two.  BD 

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was dismissive of the Tea Party movement in a “This Week” exclusive interview with Terry Moran.  "The Tea Party is not going to go anywhere,”  Schwarzenegger told Moran. “I think the Tea Party is all about just an expression of anger and dissatisfaction.”
Schwarzenegger: Tea Party 'Not Going To Go Anywhere' - The Note


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