This is a good time for this reminder, sounds just like health insurance too, well it should as they are all tied to Wall Street.  This is the movie trailer of the movie to come from Oliver Stone.  He asks if everybody out there is nuts!  “You brings geeks to write the algorithms and I’ll get you a 5 star rating.”  That was from the archives of AIG a few years ago. 

The music:  Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil.” Pleased to meet you again, Mr. Gekko.  It does make you wonder when you read “real life stories” like this:

'Dead Peasant' Life Insurance Policies - Human Hedge Funds The Next Bond Issues

One of my favorite lines this year was from Miami CSI with David Caruso telling a business owner “get a better health plan for your employees”, one without dead peasant policies.  After what we heard today, this trailer seems to be in a spot for a post today!  BD  

CSI Miami – David Caruso Tells Suspect Business Owner “Get a Better Health Insurance Plan For Your Employees”

This is why we need goo audit trail algorithms, as the insurance carriers don’t hide the fact that they live and die by them, it’s their business models. 

Health Care Insurers Suggest Algorithms and Business Intelligence solutions to provide health insurance solution


Just in time to greet a still-recovering economy, widespread unemployment, and criticism in some quarters of big banking bonuses, a new trailer for the coming Oliver Stone movie “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” has hit the Web. The movie stars Michael Douglas as mogul Gordon Gekko (newly released from prison), Carey Mulligan (”An Education”) as his daughter, and Shia LaBeouf as a comer drawn to Gekko’s dangerous charm.

The new trailer gives us more of a sense of the plot, allows a peek at some cameos (including one by CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo) and is set to the music of the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil.” Pleased to meet you again, Mr. Gekko.

"Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps": The New Trailer from Oliver Stone - Speakeasy - WSJ


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