I think we may all remember PositiveID under their old name, Vera Chip, the folks that will “chip” you.  Last time I did an update some folks in Florida were going to be given the opportunity to be “chipped”.  image

A Chip Off the Old Medical Record Getting Closer to Reality for Many Insured in Florida – PositiveID Alliance with Innovations Avocare

Those little chips now talk to Google Health and HealthVault too. 

VeriChip Implant Links To Your PHR Health Records, Credit History, Social Security With PositiveID

New technologies have boosted the capability of the chip now, so you can connect to your personal health records through the chip.
“Health Link is the connection between you and your personal health record. Health Link utilizes a tiny, passive microchip (the first and only microchip cleared for patient identification by the FDA) and a secure online database that links you to your personal health record. ”One example is the Central Florida Regional Health Information Organization, which would connect to the PositiveID/Avocare alliance’s services. Its members include Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, and UnitedHealthcare –  all the major players, in other words.

Now the company is on to other ventures with the purchase of Easy Check Medica Diagnostics.   The company is developing a product where you can breath on it to find your glucose level.  That sounds nicer to me than the prick of the finger for blood.  It doesn’t stop quite there as they are also developing a chip that can determine glucose levels and have a wireless connection to send your glucose readings to an online data base, IGlucose.  I would imagine when one is out of tolerance there would be another mechanism to alert as well. 

“Easy Check's other product under development, its iGlucose system, uses wireless SMS messaging to automatically communicate a diabetic's glucose readings to the iGlucose online database. iGlucose is intended to provide next generation, real-time data to improve diabetes management and help ensure patient compliance, data accuracy and insurance reimbursement. In addition, PositiveID believes that the iGlucose wireless communication device is the first to address the Medicare requirement for durable medical equipment manufacturers and pharmacies to maintain glucose level logs and records for the millions of high-frequency diabetes patients.”

Embedded chips and diabetes reporting now combined into one company.  As you can see from what I wrote above the major insurers are right in on this for some potential data for the algorithms.  BD

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Feb 17, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- PositiveID Corporation ("PositiveID" or the "Company")announced today that it has acquired intellectual property rights and assets of Easy Check Medical Diagnostics, LLC, to expand its portfolio of non-invasive glucose-level testing products and diabetes management tools under development. Easy Check has two primary products under development: the Easy Check breath glucose detection system and the iGlucose(TM) wireless communication device.

The Easy Check breath glucose test, currently under development, is a non-invasive glucose detection system that measures acetone levels in a patient's exhaled breath. The association between acetone levels in the breath and glucose is well documented, but previous data on the acetone/glucose correlation has been insufficient for reliable statistics. Easy Check's breath glucose detection system combines a proprietary chemical mixture of natrium nitroprussid with breath exhalate, which is intended to create a new molecular compound that can be measured with its patent pending technology. The Company believes that the use of a heavy molecule to generate a chemical reaction that can be reliably measured may prove the close correlation between acetone concentrations found in a patient's exhaled breath and glucose found in his or her blood. This could eliminate a patient's need to prick his or her finger multiple times per day to get a blood sugar reading

PositiveID Corporation Acquires Easy Check Medical Diagnostics, a Diabetes Management Company Focused on Non-Invasive Glucose Detection through Breath Analysis - MarketWatch


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