This is a response to an article in Modern Healthcare and certainly the writer is making his point which we do need physicians on the same track with using technology.  Now let’s step back into the “real” world.  image

We have physicians at every level of technology in healthcare today, so guess what, a lot of doctors like this idea! They feel it’s a perfect solution, so now where do we go? 

Anyway, just a quick moment here for today’s reality check and a thought for developing some better user interfaces.  BD 

The idea we'd spend more money, add steps/inefficiencies and introduce new potential for errors (opposite of electronic health-record goals) via scribes or “audios to transcribers” sets the industry back almost 40 years when physicians first used computerized physician-order entry successfully and happily—and we're touting scribes and audio to “ease” the transition”? When will physicians take over from these scribes?

Using scribes sets industry ‘back almost 40 years' - Modern Healthcare


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