Ok when is the last time you have seen this many fingers on a Surface computer, and these all belong to Microsoft MVPs at that showing off multi touch.   It recognizes fingers and Tags.  See below for more on Tags.  multitouchonsurface

Through this video we get to see some interesting sides of Surface.  The one game they bring up, or I think it is song writing software makes some really ugly sounds, funny. 

Hugo Ortega, a Microsoft MVP, once again, and Tablet PC fan was kind enough to give us an update from Redmond this week on his blog.  I have included some healthcare applications and information about Surface below if you have not seen it and how Surface works with Tags. 


I alike watching demonstrations with items that we might not normally try or see.   Back to the healthcare side here’s more below.  The link has another video which talks about my favorite project of influence right now for the FDA with tagging devices. 

Microsoft Tag and Surface Working Together (Video) – The Frog is the Future of Your EOB Getting to Your PHR

In case you haven’t seen how Surface works in healthcare here’s a video showing Texas Health Resources working with Microsoft HealthVault. 






Uber Tablet: A Tablet PC Talk Spot: Update from my Visit to Microsoft in Redmond

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