This is moving into the next phase here and when we talk about doctors making house calls again, what a great way to get payment on the spot.  There’s a similar imagetechnology working for banks to deposit checks with your camera on the phone.  One banks is already there, so are you still just using your cell phone for phone calls?

USAA Bank/Financials Introduce Service for Deposits – Take a Picture of the Check with Your iPhone

Now we finally have a video that shows how this all comes together.  This could easily be done right within the office too and not have to have that card swiping machine around.  Last time I wrote about this company it was just a very small trial in the San Francisco area and it looks like it is growing now. 

You can visit the website here. 

Remember that awesome video that was made for the Twitter iPhone app Birdhouse last year (if not, watch it)? Well, that guy, Adam Lisagor (aka LonelySandwich) is back at it again, this time for the mobile payment startup Square. In the two minute and 18 second video below, Lisagor quickly and easily walks you through what Square is and how to get it up and running.

 image image


Mobile Payment Service Square Simplified On Video


  1. I first read about this here Credit Cards Payments through iPhone!
    and I must say that the way we do our business took another step forward and I think this will soon revolutionize the way peopledo business as this technology became more available with a greater variation of mobile phone

  2. there is a FaceCash the mobile payment application. Tt will be available on iPhone, BlackBerry or Android phones. Then type in your bank account information, Social Security number, and driver’s licence number, and upload your picture. That’s it. You can now use your phone to make pretty much any in-person transaction, whether at a restaurant or at a grocery store — as long as the merchant has signed up for the service. To accept your payment, the merchant simply scans the FaceCash barcode on your phone with a scanner, and your picture will pop up on their computer screen — which helps them avoid fraud. They then approve your payment. Dead easy. And slick


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