Well it’s an epidemic!  Those old algorithms I talk about are good for causing one to lose sleep too as we can’t find ways to operate within their parameters with those who create them.  This is somewhat humorous too me as I saw all kinds of press on everyone speculating what he is doing wrong and how we can “fix” him.  I had emails from doctors that wanted interviews on my blog to discuss this, not on this blog thank you.  It’s not much more than useless chatter.  What is important though is how to make sure stents are affordable and the rhetoric of law suits over patents doesn’t help this cause at all.  Big news announcements over big court awards with corporations fighting each other are no longer sexy.  

Political Debate On Former President Clinton and the Stents – These Guys are Distracted And Have No Clue On How to Allow Stents to Be Affordable As Well as Drug Treatments

How many stents should he have been allowed to have, saw some of that.  Well like any other citizen, I say as many as he needs, so make them affordable and gosh don’t get risk management in here as they may have determined another number, again in a Monday morning quarterback position.  Sure there’s value in looking over data, but you also have to realize these folks “were not there” when critical decisions were made.

Former President Bill Clinton Gets A New Stent – Interventional Heart Repair

So when all the analysts were done here with their 21st century articles, gee, kind of a let down, it was only lack of sleep, but this goes to show the huge layers of distraction and those jockeying for the best “Shell Answer man” post on the web.  This also says something too about the expectations of all of us today as well, multi tasking could be hazardous to your health and sleep.  BD 

NEW YORK – Former President Bill Clinton said Wednesday that he will manage his stress better after undergoing a procedure to unclog a blocked artery, but emphasized that he has no intention of slowing down.

It would be a mistake to stop working, Clinton said at an event focusing on childhood obesity.

"I've been given this gift of life by my surgery five years ago, the medicine I take, the lifestyle changes I've made," he said. "I don't want to throw it away by being a vegetable. I want to do things with it every day."

Clinton: Lack of sleep added to health problem - Yahoo! News


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